How to get an unordered list without any bullets in HTML

This isn’t really a big deal when you get the concept and i have the right way in which you can understand this below.

You can remove bullets by setting the list-style-type to none in inline style on the html for the parent element (typically a <ul>), for example:

Description Lists

Simply using the following HTML:

  <dt>List Item 1</dt>
    <dd>Sub-Item 1.1</dd>
  <dt>List Item 2</dt>
    <dd>Sub-Item 2.1</dd>
    <dd>Sub-Item 2.2</dd>
    <dd>Sub-Item 2.3</dd>
  <dt>List Item 3</dt>
    <dd>Sub-Item 3.1</dd>

Which will produce a list similar to the following:

List Item 1
     Sub-Item 1.1
List Item 2
     Sub-Item 2.1
     Sub-Item 2.2
     Sub-Item 2.3
List Item 3
     Sub-Item 3.1
Try it yourself

Hope this was helpful:)